Real-time case status and 'On-Hook' updates

Stay in the loop at all times with RecoveryConnect's real-time case status updates.  Paired with our mobile app, RCM, you stay in immediate contact with drivers in the field. Our software provides you with instant updates on case status, allowing you to make updates as needed, make informed decisions and take necessary actions promptly. With RecoveryConnect, you'll always be one step ahead.

Switch up your strategy

Say goodbye to manual assignments! With RecoveryConnect's automated case distribution feature, you can ensure faster recovery and a better recovery rate. Our software intelligently allows you to set rules and a schedule to automatically distribute cases, saving you time and effort. Sit back, relax, and let RecoveryConnect do the heavy lifting for you.


Hassle-free invoice and fee approvals

Tired of the back-and-forth with vendors over fees and invoices? RecoveryConnect has got you covered. Our software automates the fee and invoice approval process, making it quick and painless. You can easily review, approve, and track payments, all in one place with Smart Invoicing

How are you currently managing vendor compliance? 

We have a solution for that too! 

Connected, controlled, compliant 

Vendor management has never been easier! With VendorConnect, lenders have full visibility into the compliance status of the vendors who manage their work and sensitive customer information. It's as simple as logging in. VendorConnect can either be used in conjunction with or independently of the RecoveryConnect assignment management system.